ESTD - AFTD Conference 2023

When Attachment Meets Trauma:
Disorganization and Dissociation From Childhood to Adulthood.

Preconference Workshops and Conference

DoubleTree Brussels Hotel, 9 - 11 March 2023 - Brussels


The European Society for Trauma and Dissociation was founded in April 2006. This followed a period of active planning and collaboration with professional colleagues from over 17 countries in Europe as well as with the Executive Council of the International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation (ISSTD).The establishment of the European Society for Trauma and Dissociation (ESTD) was strongly supported by the ISSTD with whom we have close ties.


From the simplest to the most complex, the theme of psychic trauma has invaded many social spaces: media, professionals, scientists and of course clinics. This is why in 2015, a handful of Swiss, French and Belgian psychotherapists and researchers who are passionate about and committed to this specific clinical field created the Association Francophone du Trauma et de la Dissociation in order to meet these challenges and meet three fundamental objectives: to create links between professionals, to disseminate the most advanced and recent knowledge in the field of psychotrauma and dissociation, and promote the clinical advances related to it
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Raphaël Gazon ( Moderator)

Raphaël Gazon is a psychologist, psychotherapist, and trainer in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy. With more than 20 years of clinical experience in various places including university, day care psychiatry, drug addiction unit, home consultation service and private practice, he provides individual and group therapy for patients with severe personality disorders and complex trauma. He has trained in various treatment modalities in the fields of psychological trauma and personality disorders. Raphaël is the director at the PEPS-E Center, a psychotherapy practice that specializes in the treatment of emotional disorders, psychic traumas and attachment disorders, and he has been president of the ESTD from 2020 to 2022. He is an experienced, international supervisor and lecturer in the fields of psychological trauma, attachment disorders, and borderline personality disorder.

Eric Binet

Éric Binet, PhD is a Clinical Psychologist, President of the Association Francophone du Trauma et de la Dissociation (AFTD), Senior Lecturer at the School of Practical Psychologists of the Institut Catholique - Equipe d'accueil Religion, culture et société, EA 7403, Equipe VCR, Paris, France. He is also a lecturer at the Universities of Lorraine, Côte d'Azur and Paris 5

Suzette Boon

Suzette Boon, PhD is a clinical psychologist and was a psychotherapist at the Top Reference Trauma Centre Altrecht, Zeist. She was president of the European Society for Trauma and Dissociation (ESTD). She does important research into the diagnosis of dissociative disorders and is first author of the book 'Coping with trauma-related dissociation'

Marie Botman

Marie Botman is a therapist with a master's degree in cell biology and two certificates in Mindfulness (MBSR at ULB and MBPM via Breathwork). Her areas of expertise are Mindfulness, trauma treatment, neuro-pedagogy and archaic reflexes. After ten years of laboratory research on stress, and following a car accident, she became a therapist and specialized in psychocorporal therapy. She teaches Mindfulness in schools and companies. She co-wrote “The impact of behavior on DNA” with Nathalie Zammatteo.

Emmanuel Contamin

Emmanuel Contamin, MD is a psychiatrist and child psychiatrist, EMDR supervisor for adults and children/adolescents. He works in private practice in Lyon. His main interests lie in the fields of psychoeducation, resources – especially for patients with complex traumas – and EMDR groups for the socially disadvantaged. He has written several books: Guérir de son passé avec l’EMDR et des outils d'auto-soin (Healing from your Past with EMDR and Self-care Tools) (Odile Jacob, 2017), Prenons soin de nous! Guide pratique d’auto-thérapie (Let’s Take Care of Ourselves! A Practical Guide to Self-Therapy) (BoD, 2018) and Les 5 cercles de la résilience (The 5 Circles of Resilience) (Larousse, 2021).

Félicia Dutray

Felicia Dutray, MD, is a psychiatrist and psychotherapist in Switzerland (FMH). She is the lead clinician in charge of the psychotherapeutic consultation for migrants at the Association Appartenances and associate lead clinician in charge of the Psy&Migrants Unit at the Department of Psychiatry of the Lausanne University Hospital, Switzerland. After studying medicine in Vienna and Paris, she carried out medical anthropological research among the Seereer healers in Senegal. She then trained in transcultural psychiatry with Marie Rose Moro in Paris and with Cécile Rousseau in Montreal. She is also trained in hypnosis and mindfulness. She worked in a mobile team specialized in psychiatry and precarity (EMPP) in Alsace for ten years before moving to Lausanne, where she currently works. Felicia Dutray has been working with migrant and refugee patients for over 20 years. She teaches and carries out research in the field of transcultural psychiatry. She contributed to the translation of the transcultural sections of the DSM-5 into French and was part of the expert review team for the transcultural aspects of the DSM-5TR. She has published numerous papers and book chapters in the field of transcultural psychiatry.

David Elliott

David Elliott, PhD, is a clinical psychologist who received his PhD in Psychology from Harvard University in 1989. He is former President of the Rhode Island Psychological Association (USA). Currently he is Chair of the Advisory Board of the International School for Psychotherapy, Counseling, and Group Leadership in St. Petersburg, Russia, and is on the faculty of the Psykosyntes Akademin in Stockholm, Sweden. He is co-author of Attachment Disturbances in Adults (2016), and of a chapter on controversies in the treatment of traumatic dissociation and complex PTSD in the forthcoming second edition of Dissociation and the Dissociative Disorders (2022).

Benedetto Farina

Benedetto Farina, MD, is a psychiatrist and psychotherapist, has a PhD in neuroscience and is full professor of Psychopathology, Psychiatry and Psychotherapy at European University of Rome. Member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation, and of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Trauma and Dissociation and Clinical Neuropsychiatry. He was winner of Richard P. Kluft Award for Journal of Trauma and Dissociation 2015 Best Article

Ruth Lanius

Ruth A. Lanius, M.D., Ph.D. is a Psychiatry Professor and Harris-Woodman Chair at Western University of Canada, where she is the director of the Clinical Research Program for PTSD. Ruth has over 25 years of clinical and research experience with trauma-related disorders. She established the Traumatic Stress Service at London Health Sciences Center, a program that specializes in the treatment of psychological trauma. Ruth has received numerous research and teaching awards, including the Banting Award for Military Health Research. She has published over 150 research articles and book chapters focusing on brain adaptations to psychological trauma and novel adjunct treatments for PTSD. Ruth regularly lectures on the topic of psychological trauma both nationally and internationally. Ruth has co-authored two books: The Effects of Early Life Trauma on Health and Disease: The Hidden Epidemic and Healing the Traumatized Self: Consciousness, Neuroscience, Treatment. Ruth is a passionate clinician scientist who endeavours to understand the first-person experience of traumatized individuals throughout treatment and how it relates to brain functioning.

François Louboff

François Louboff, MD, is a private psychiatrist and an EMDR Europe practitioner. He was a hospital resident and was trained in cognitive-behavioral therapy, hypnosis (French Institute of Hypnosis), and EMDR (French Institute of EMDR).
He is the author of “Guérir d’un abus sexuel” and “Dire adieu, petit guide psychologique du deuil”. His blog ( and his Youtube channel ( deal with themes mainly related to psychological trauma and mourning.


Patrick Luyten

Patrick Luyten, PhD, is Associate Professor at the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, KU Leuven (University of Leuven), Belgium, and Professor of Psychodynamic Psychology at the Research Department of Clinical, Educational and Health Psychology, UCL (University College London), UK. He is also an Assistant Professor, Adjunct at the Yale Child Study Center in New Haven, Connecticut, USA.
His main research interests are disorders in the affective spectrum and personality disorders. He is involved in both basic and interventional research in both of these areas. His basic research focuses on the roles of personality, attachment and social cognition or mentalizing - that is, the capacity to understand oneself and others in terms of mental states - in these disorders from a developmental psychopathology perspective.
The strong interdisciplinary focus of his research has led to extensive collaborations with researchers from different fields, ranging from psychology to neurobiology and health economics. Some of his most longstanding collaborations involve colleagues at the Yale Child Study Center in the USA, the Free University of Amsterdam and Erasmus University Rotterdam in The Netherlands, and the University of Geneva in Switzerland.
He serves on the editorial board of several scientific journals, has published over 150 scientific papers and 60 chapters, has co-authored or edited several books, and has been the recipient of in excess of 30 grants.

Renée Potgieter Marks

Renée Potgieter Marks is a therapist and a clinical lead at Integrate, in the north of England. She specialises in children and adolescents with attachment difficulties, complex trauma and dissociation who display significant emotional, social and behavioural problems and/or are struggling with mental health problems.
Renée is also a national and international trainer as well as the founder of BICTD, providing online training for therapists on Assessment and Treatment of Children with Complex Trauma and Dissociation. She is chair of the Child and Adolescent Committee of the ESTD and was involved in developing the Guidelines for the assessment and treatment of children and adolescents with dissociative symptoms and dissociative disorders

Olivier Piedfort-Marin

Olivier Piedfort-Marin, PhD, is a psychologist and a fed. psychotherapist in private practice in Lausanne, Switzerland. He defended his doctoral thesis on the diagnosis and treatment of dissociative disorders. He specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of trauma-related disorders. He is (co-)author of about 25 peer-reviewed articles and chapters in this field of specialization and regularly presents at international conferences. He is honorary president of the AFTD and president elect of the EMDR Europe association.


Michael Alan Salter

Michael Salter, PhD, is a Scientia Fellow and Associate Professor of Criminology at the University of New South Wales. He is the President of the International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation where he has served on the Board of Directors since 2018. He sits on the editorial boards of the journals Child Abuse Review and the Journal of Trauma and Dissociation.

Susana Tereno

Susana Tereno, PhD, is currently a Full Professor on Developmental Psychopathology at the Départment de Psychologie, Université de Normandie Rouen and a full member of the CRFDP (EA 7475). She is also co-director of the Post-Graduation "L'Attachement: Concepts et applications thérapeutiques" at the same Faculty. Susana Tereno has published several articles in international scientific reviews related to Developmental and Clinical Psychology and is co-editor of the 5th edition of the two volumes book "L’attachement: l'approche théorique et l´évaluation, la clinique, et la thérapeutique". Her research interests relate to the implementation of parent-infant intervention protocols based on the attachment theory. More recently, she invested other research projects related to family intervention protocols that address multi-complex trauma and integrate research inputs from neurophysiology and the biometric assessment of attachment.

Nathalie Zammatteo

Nathalie Zammatteo, PhD, is a doctor in Biological Sciences. Her areas of expertise are genetics and epigenetics. Following personal health problems, she undertook different therapies and discovered a family trauma. Her health improved significantly after this discovery. Then she decided to become a therapist and wrote two popular books on epigenetics “The impact of emotions on DNA” and “The impact of behavior on DNA” co-authored with Marie Botman. Since 2010, she has been a therapist and practices hypnosis, EFT and CSP®. She also teaches hypnosis and mindfulness meditation.